The Brand Preference of Mobile Phones


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The Brand Preference of Mobile Phones (Final Project Report)

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Executive Summary  

The mobile phone industry is one of the fastest-moving industries in the world. The market is growing rapidly with ever-emerging technologies and innovation. The industry is highly concentrated, consisting of smart phones. In this era, Mobile phones are the important gadgets required for a person. By using smart phones we can call, shop through online, mobile banking, bill payment, Ticket booking, Recharge etc.

Mobile phones markets are one of the most turbulent market environments today due to increased competition and change. In fact, it is of growing concern to look at customers buying decision process and cast light on the factors that finally determine consumer choices between different mobile phone brands. The increasing number of telecommunication networks  and  huge   number   of   their subscribers has   made mobile   phones an   important medium for communication. Switching mobile phone brands and updating one with latest technology in mobile brands has been in the increasing trend as well.

Mobile phones aren’t just a rich person’s fashion today. It is transforming the way thousands  of people  do business in  a country  where even  landline phones  were a  luxury  a decade ago. As an essential element of daily life, the purchase of a mobile phone is an important decision with a variety of mobile phone brands available to choose from. Each mobile phone manufacturer consistently updates their offerings with the latest technological updates and many customers have a preferred brand that suits them or a brand they have become familiar with. Across the globe, even people with low incomes are now adopting Mobile phones as tools for enhancing their business. According to Oxford English Dictionary one of the earliest uses of word “mobile” was in association with the Latin phrase “mobile vulgus”, i.e. excitable crowd. Today’s mobile phones live up to these origins. Mobile phone technology introduces new senses of speed and connectivity to social life. If the fixed line telephone has brought communication links into the workplace and homes, the “mobile” puts them straight into the hands of individuals.

Mobile brand preference could be related with various other factors like age group, gender, and price of phone, family monthly income, mobile usage purpose, brand attributes and many more. When we prefer a mobile phone, we focus on brand value and the facilities available in that phone. Branded products are good in quality and on performance. Choosing a product is very much important. Some products are cheap but they have the facilities that are available on costlier phone. So much people prefer these types of low cost phones. Also there is a trend of changing mobile phones after one or two years. So buying low cost phones with many features are preferred by much people. But some people focus on quality of the product. I.e. build quality and other bad effects of low cost phones. So these people prefer good phones. i.e. good in build quality and less bad effect on health etc. This research study deals with consumer’s choice criteria in mobile phone markets by studying factors that influence intension to acquire new phones on one hand and factors that influence on mobile phone change on the other.


  1. Chapter-1
    1. Introduction
      1. Introduction
        1. Statement of the problem
        2. Significance of the study
      2. Objectives
      3. Scope of the study
      4. Limitations of the study
      5. Research methodology
        1. Research design
      6. Sampling method
        1. Sampling size
      7. Methods of data collection
  2. Chapter-2
    1. Review of literature
      1. Review of literature
  3. Chapter-3
    1. Theoretical framework
    2. Definition of mobile phone
    3. The global cellular mobile industry
      1. Telecom industry in India
      2. Best-selling Smartphone’s brands in India
  4. Chapter-4
    1. Data analysis and interpretation
  5. Chapter-5
    1. Findings, suggestions and conclusion
      1. Findings
      2. Suggestions
      3. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography
  7. Appendix
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