Beginner at Kaggle


Hi Everyone,

I, like most, am a Kaggle complete novice. It’s the best place to learn and develop your Data Science and Machine Learning skills through hands-on projects.

Best Features of Kaggle are:-

  1. Machine Learning Competitions: This is why Kaggle is so popular. Look for problems that concern you and compete to develop the best algorithm.

Beginner at Kaggle 1

  1. Kaggle Datasets: The best place to find, explore, and review open data is Kaggle datasets. You can download a variety of fascinating datasets of various types and sizes for free to practice your skills.

Beginner at Kaggle 2

Kaggle Free Online Courses: Free Jupyter Notebook micro-courses to help you develop your existing skills.
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Beginner at Kaggle 3.1

  1. Discussions: A place to ask questions and get answers from the Kaggle community’s thousands and thousands of data scientists.

Beginner at Kaggle 4

  1. Kaggle Kernels: Kaggle Kernels are basically web-based Jupyter notebooks. The use of these kernels is fully unrestricted (you can even add a GPU). As a result, you will avoid the hassle of creating a local atmosphere. They also allow you to share Python or R code and analyses.

Beginner at Kaggle 5

Finally, “The Home to Data Science” as Kaggle calls it.

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