How do you compare two lists in Python?

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Lists are analogous to dynamically scaled arrays, and are declared in other languages (e.g., vector in C++ and Array List in Java). Lists do not have to be homogeneous all of the time, which makes it a very strong tool in Python. Data Types such as Integers, Strings, and Objects can all be contained in a single list. Lists are mutable, which means they can be modified after they’ve been formed.

In Python, lists are ordered and have a count. A list’s elements are indexed in a particular order, with 0 acting as the first index. – element in the list has its own distinct position in the list, enabling repetition of elements in the list while preserving the integrity of each element.

Python offers a variety of choices for contrasting the two lists. The method of comparing data objects from one list to another to see whether they are the same or not is known as compare.

Method 1: Using sort()  +  == operator

How do you compare two lists in Python 1 How do you compare two lists in Python 2

The above procedure is called Boolean Comparison, and it contrasts the elements of two lists based on indexing. Because of the use of sort(), the above approach may only be used if the lists contain the same element form (Data Type).

Method 2: Using set()  +  == operator

How do you compare two lists in Python 3

Limitation: Using set() excludes redundant elements from the array, ignoring the fact that all lists are the same size.

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Method 3:  Using  sum()  +  zip()  +  == operator

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Method 4: Using reduce() + map()

How do you compare two lists in Python 6

Method 5: Using collections. Counter()

We can typically get the frequency of each variable in a list using Counter(), and we can search for it in both lists to see if they are equivalent. However, this approach disregards the order of the list’s elements and only considers their frequency.

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“The only approach that compares situations depending on how much frequencies of elements in a list rather than index based comparison(element to element).”

Greetings, Roop Chandra. I hope that the analogy of two lists in Python has been explained for you, and that there are even other ways to do so, as intuition applied to solving problems in programming knows no bounds.

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