My Observation and Experiences of Covid-19

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I Thank Wholeheartedly to Vivek Abhyankar Sir for Suggesting me to write about this pandemic and experiences

Positive impacts of the Covid-19 : –

I’m currently living in Bihar, India. As per my observation Every incident has two aspects, positive and negative. I was patient with covid 19 . when I was suffering from covid 19 , at that stage, I thought everything positive and took positive . I have started some online startups during covid 19 . I also understood very positive impact of covid 19 , which I will describe in detail . Due to covid 19, the world has been developed in how to represent and how to do all the work sitting at home itself. So many applications, software and online computer work, also the IT field has been developed”. “Due to all these things, the handicapped people will get motivated to do something for their country and for their own life. They can now study well and can get the online job like work from home. They would be able to earn money The global situation is worrying, the spread of the virus has caused so much pain. When seeing this question about positive impacts of the Covid-19, the first thing that came to my mind is that the pandemic may make more people aware of the importance of nature and that we should protect other animals. And the other thing is in this busy life where we are running after something or other, we have got time to spend time with our families freely at home and get to know what we are missing and how important human relations are.. People should always be positive . that is why I have written positive thoughts but there is no doubt this disease has greatly harmed people.

Negative impacts of the Covid-19 : –

The lockdown from Covid-19 affects approximately 92% of global GDP. Previous Pandemic such as Asian Flu (1956–58) can help to guide about the COVID-19 PANDEMIC impact Let’s take a look at 1956-1959 quarterly GDP growth rates of US, expressed on year-over-year basis. Before the Pandemic, the economy was delivering a healthy annualized GDP Growth rate of 2-3%. There was then a sudden slowdown in the second half of 1957 and into early 1958, followed by a strong recovery. There were 3 quarters of negative growth rates (Q1 1958 to Q3 1958). Though, Q4 1957 was close to zero as well. Then from Q4 1958 onwards, there was a sharp recovery trends in GDP growth rate. We are all well aware how this pandemic COVID-19 has affected us in many ways. Economically the GDP growth worldwide has reached a point where it is worse than the 2008 global financial crisis .In India Before the Corona our 2019-2020’s GDP was already the the lowest peak that was 3.2% and after introducing our GDP of 1st Quarter of 2020-2021 was gone into deepest park that was -23.9% while GVP was 22 approx. .Our 1st GDP Quarter is second highest worst rate. So our economy already was in bad dig and Corona hits it very BAD (Source Journals and Research Paper) 21-day lockdown affect poor people in India who earn a daily living The Lock down is necessary, no doubt, but it is a catastrophe for poor Indians. Some families at least live together in Urban Slums, but millions of migrant labourers are separated from their wives, parents and children back in their village. Lock down means being confined to dingy cells(really small houses where living conditions are very poor) usually shared with six or seven other labourers, and the people like us can’t even imagine to survive in those cells without going out. In pre-Covid-19 days, they could spend some time outside their cells, chatting with others in their lanes and inhaling some of Delhi’s particulate matter. Now social distancing has made that even impossible. The lock down has stripped the poor of the one thing that allowed them to maintain their dignity is Work.

Effects on the education system due to covid -19 in India

Corona virus has affected the whole world in many aspects like economy, education etc. If we talk about impact on education in India, so there will be very worst effect- The college are unable to run even semester class properly. There may be delay in semester exams hence in final results. Those are in final year, there will be placement problem as there will be no campus recruitment in even semester. Those are having boards, states, CBSE have to decide how to give their results as answer sheet are not evaluated yet. Board exam from the entire base of student life. All the government competitive exam are postponed (UPSC, SSC, UPPSC, state level exam etc). So after the lifting if lockdown, there will be a big race on conducting exam among all concerning authorities. People working in private sector may lost their jobs. Due to corona unemployment is at it’s peak. So it will be affecting very much.

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