A structure is called stable if for any given force it has a load path to ground it to support(foundation) without yielding an infinite deformation.

[1] Stability is a general term that is referred for lateral forces and the stability system is referred to as a lateral load resisting system.

[2] There are multiple ways to stabilize the structure, based on those structural systems classified as

a) Moment frames

b) Braced frames

c) Shear Wall

d) Mixed system (combination of above three)

[3] The distribution of lateral load among the frames or walls depend upon the relative stiffness of these & their position on the plan.

[4] Stiffer lateral load resisting units tend to attract more & less stiff attract less forces.

[5] The distribution of lateral forces also depend upon connection of floor plate (diaphragm) to the stabilizing units. (Diaphragm design is briefly discussed over a previous post of mine).

[6] Further there are some advanced structural system which are used for high-rise structure.

– Outrigger system

– Tubular system

– Bundled tubular system

This is a brief post on stability system, any comments or suggestions are welcomed.

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